Offering connection, creativity, and care.

We have an expert team of Dubai lighting designers, systems experts, and construction professionals who create individual solutions, combining high-impact design with seamless functionality.

In partnership with our clients, we achieve the perfect balance between art and engineering.


We ask the right questions, listen to your needs, and maintain an open and honest dialogue from design concept through to site support and project management. Depending on your requirements, you can rely on us for the full package connecting everything from A-Z, or to provide specific support in one area.


By being part of the process from the start, we can advise on the most cost-effective way forward without compromising on quality. We don’t believe one size fits all; our team adheres to the highest industry standards to deliver results that set your building apart.


Successful projects are built on relationships. We have a strong network of global supply chain partners, and we’re equally proud of our connections with clients. Over the years, we’ve worked with major companies in a variety of sectors to enhance their environment and add value to their business.


With so many stakeholders involved, it can be difficult to balance everyone’s needs. Having an integrated perspective allows us to collaborate efficiently with end-users, design teams, contractors, MEP consultants, and project managers. Our philosophy is about linking all of these elements together to create a seamless connection.